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Consultants’ Comments

  • “One of the easiest resin cements I have ever used.”
  • “Endo tip is great – easiest post cementation clean-up I’ve ever had.”
  • “Excess clean-up after the initial cure was great.”
  • “The regular push plunger is fine, but the dispenser is phenomenal!”
  • “The cement is too opaque.”


PANAVIA SA CEMENT is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin cement with fluoride release. It is based on the Panavia and PANAVIA SE BOND adhesive technology and has a reported film thickness of approximately 20 microns. It is indicated for cementation of crowns and bridges made of metal or ceramic as well as inlays/onlays and metal and fiber posts. It is packaged in 4.6-ml syringes in Universal (A2) and White shades and is dispensed directly from an automix syringe or using a specially designed dispenser. The Value Kit contains three syringes of the cement with 40 mixing tips and 10 endodontic tips. Thirty consultants used PANAVIA SA CEMENT for luting more than 570 clinical restorations made of various materials. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

The automix syringes can be used to express PANAVIA SA CEMENT efficiently through the mixing tips directly into the restoration to minimize waste. Alternatively, the plunger can be removed from the syringe and the barrels can be placed in the PANAVIA dispenser for better control and extrusion of the cement. All of the features that were evaluated such as packaging, ease of dispensing, consistency and mixing tip size and shape were rated as excellent. The working time of adequate for cementation of multiple units and the setting time can be accelerated by light-curing.

Most consultants found that the snap-set took longer light-curing (8-10 seconds) than the time recommended by the manufacturer (2-3 seconds). After the initial cure, the excess cement easily peels off, mostly in one piece. The cement has excellent viscosity and film thickness to allow complete seating of the restoration. There were no reports of post-operative sensitivity or restoration debonding during the evaluation period. Ninety-three percent of the consultants rated PANAVIA SA CEMENT as equivalent or better than the self-adhesive cement they were currently using, while 73% would both switch and recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Refrigerate the product when not in use.

  • No etching, bonding or other surface preparation of the tooth is necessary.