Since 1983, DENTAL ADVISOR has been a trusted expert to dental professionals worldwide with concise, accurate, and objective information.  We combine clinical experience with laboratory data and report on long-term in-vivo performance of materials over time. The mission of DENTAL ADVISOR is to provide the dental profession with evidence-based and clinically relevant information on dental restorative products, infection control products and dental equipment. DENTAL ADVISOR reports objective clinical evaluations, product comparisons, comprehensive long-term clinical performance studies, and unbiased laboratory test results.


DENTAL ADVISOR was created in 1983, and the first issue was published in 1984. It was the first science-based publication of its kind, featuring product ratings, long-term clinical information, and comparative product tables. Since its early days, DENTAL ADVISOR has continued the tradition of challenging dental professionals to learn and provide suggestions regarding products and equipment, ultimately improving the level of products and care available to the patient. Current ownership of DENTAL ADVISOR resides with Dr. Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS, CEO and editor-in-chief and founding member, Dr. John Powers, PhD, DENTAL ADVISOR president.

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About the Biomaterials Research Center

DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center provides custom laboratory testing of commercial and experimental restorative dental materials and products for dental manufacturers.