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GC America, Inc


  • 12 Clinical Evaluators
  • 157 Total Uses
  • 93% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It was a relief and joy to use this cement to seat thin lithium disilicate crowns because it was easy to create a perfect shade match that would not color shift after curing.”
  • “Truly universal for all dental restorations and posts, especially considering the increased bond strength with the Adhesive Enhancing Primer.”
  • “It flowed nicely as the viscosity was very good.”
  • “Very easy to use cement, sets predictably, and the excess cleans off easily.”
  • “A good option for a self-adhesive cement – would have many clinical applications.”
  • “Excellent for short clinical crown height preparations.”
  • “You need to be careful with tack cure. If the light is applied a little too long, the cement is hard to remove.”
  • “The primers had a strong smell.”


G-CEM ONE is a resin cement that is:

  • Versatile cement for all restoration substrates
  • Not technique sensitive
  • Optional Adhesive Enhancing Primer (AEP)
  • Easy clean-up with optional one-second tack cure
  • Excellent self-curing

Clinical Tips

  • For the one-second cure, wave the wand during the tack cure – do not hold it in the same place.
  • Avoid curing longer or using the tack-cure settings on your light, as that may set the cement.




Unique Attributes

  • The versatility of this material makes it easy to be the go-to cement in your office for virtually all of your indirect cases.
  • What really stood out with this material were the superior bond strengths. As tested in the DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Lab, the bond strength of this material in self-adhesive mode is excellent, but when you add the tooth primer you get bond strengths that rival and excel over anything else on the market.
  • This material has a very easy cleanup.
  • The optional tooth and restoration primers are a good option for restorations needing additional adhesion, such as low-retentive preparation.