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PANAVIA SA Cement Universal

Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.


  • 31 Clinical Evaluators
  • 516 Total Uses
  • 96% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very user-friendly”.
  • “Good flow and film thickness.”
  • “My assistant does not have to get it out of the refrigerator as it can be stored at room temperature.”
  • “Amazing viscosity, tack cure-ability and very easy cleanup.”
  • “Great color match and I liked the universal ability to work with so many substrates.”
  • “Setting time takes longer than with Panavia 21.”
  • “It seemed like it was sensitive to ambient light.”

Clinical Tips

  • Place the mixed cement in the crown, and wipe the mixing tip along the margins to ensure cement on the margins. Place the crown and put floss between the contacts. Light cure the buccal and lingual to a count of five, pull the floss, and use an explorer to remove excess cement. Continue the light curing.
  • You want to clean the excess by the recommended time as it is difficult to clean if it is left on too long.

Unique Attributes

  • Adheres to virtually all substrates, including Lithium Disilicate
  • One single procedure
  • Easy, gingival-friendly removal of excess cement
  • No need for separate primers
  • Can be stored at room temperature


Cementation of:

  • Crowns/bridges
  • Inlays/onlays
  • Adhesion bridges (Maryland Bridge)
  • Splints
  • Posts
  • Prosthetics onto
    implant abutments


PANAVIA™ SA Cement Universal is a self-adhesive resin cement that:

  • Adheres to virtually every material, including glass ceramics, without the need for a separate primer.
  • Uses a unique silane coupling agent built into the paste – LCSi monomer – making the cement deliver a strong, durable chemical bond to porcelain, lithium disilicate and composite resin.
  • Contains the original MDP monomer in the paste allowing for chemical adhesion with zirconia, dentin, enamel and metals alloys.