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Consultants’ Comments

  • “After the two to four seconds of light exposure, the excess comes off very easily.”
  • “Great color with the available shades.”
  • “Hard to clean up if you wait too long, but easy if you get it at the gel state.”
  • “Need extension tips for the capsules for post cementation.”


G-CEM is a dual-cured, fluoride-releasing, self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement. It is recommended for use with all PFM crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, all-ceramic restorations (including Zirconia-based) and metal/fiber endodontic posts. G-CEM combines the technology of G-Bond 7th-generation bonding agent with the properties of resin-modified glass ionomer cement. It contains water and functional monomers (4-MET and phosphoric acid ester) for self-adhesive properties to dentin and enamel. According to the manufacturer, this combination increases the initial hydrophilicity of the cement, allowing penetration into dentinal tubules before the material sets and becomes hydrophobic. The dual-cured mode allows for easy clean-up and higher strength within the first 10 minutes. G-CEM is available in individual capsules with a set time of two minutes and 15 seconds and is available in shades A2, A03, Translucent, and BO1. Twenty-five consultants evaluated G-CEM in the cementation of over 430 restorations. This product received an 88% clinical rating.

Product Features

G-CEM has good esthetics with the available shades. No patients reported sensitivity during seating of their restorations. Consultants liked the self-adhesive property and not having to etch the teeth to cement with this material. Once the cement has been “tack” cured or has set into a gel state, cleanup is easy – excess material tends to release in one piece. Consultants reported the need to be aware of both ambient light and time, as resin cements sometime set very quickly. These consultants noticed irregular viscosities between capsules, which may explain why some commented on a short working time. A number of consultants preferred cement that did not come in a capsule form due to the extra activating and triturating steps. They also wanted a longer, thinner tip to aid placement of the cement in post spaces. Fifty percent of consultants rated G-CEM equal to or better than their current self-adhesive luting cement. Forty-three percent would recommend G-CEM and 39% would switch.