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Accolade SRO

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “High radiopacity of a flowable is a very helpful characteristic. ”
  • “Adapts well to the floor of preparations.”
  • “Use as a sealant – good flow.”
  • “Express the material slowly to avoid excessive flow.”
  • “I would like more shades.”



Accolade SRO (Super RadiOpaque) is a fluoride-releasing, flowable composite designed to have life-like fluorescence. It has a radiopacity reported to be similar to titanium. This radiopacity exceeds that of other composite materials and is designed to make radiographic identification of restorations easy. The manufacturer recommends its use in low-functional wear situations and as a first layer for all restorations. Accolade SRO is classified as a micro-hybrid with an average filler particle size of 0.70 µm. The material is available in 1-g or 5-g syringes in three shades: A2, A5 and Extra-Light. There are no cautions on what type of curing lights are appropriate. This evaluation was conducted in 27 dental offices for treatment of 564 cases. This product received a 94% clinical rating.

Product Features

The packaging of Accolade SRO is compact and easily accessible. The material is easy to extrude from the syringe; however, a narrower tip could help to control flow. The viscosity of the material is good; however, some consultants would prefer it slightly thicker. It flows well and is easy to control once placed on the tooth. Consultants reported excellent radiopacity and cavity wetting action of Accolade SRO. The shade match with the tooth before and after cure is very good. The material is easy to polish and provides a smooth surface. Some bubbles were reported. Fifty-two percent of consultants considered Accolade SRO to be equivalent to or better than their current flowable composite.

Clinical Tips

  • Use this as a liner under composite restorations for future radiographic determination of recurrent caries.
  • Use smaller tips to avoid excess material flowing from the tip.