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3M Filtek Matrix


  • 6 Clinical Evaluators
  • 16 Total Uses
  • 90% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The final restoration was very accurate and looked exactly like the mockup.”
  • “Having that initial shape is wonderful. It looks like it would be hard to trim after you open the doors, but it trims very quickly.”
  • “3M Filtek Matrix reduced my chairside time into less than half and gave amazing veneer like results in a very conservative way. “
  • “The final contours and esthetics of the composite veneers was great. My patient and I were both very pleased with the result.”
  • “I was pleasantly surprised at how there was not much excess composite interproximally.”
  • “This could be extremely helpful to clinicians who do not feel comfortable freehanding composite veneers.”
  • “The actual matrix was brittle and difficult to remove.”
  • “The lingual piece of the matrix was challenging to place.”


3M Filtek Matrix is a unique customized anterior matrix system that is designed for predictability, efficiency and conservative dentistry. The digitally produced matrix fits your patient and allows for direct placement, creating easy to place anterior composite restorations.


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Unique Attributes

  • Additive manufacturing allows for minimally invasive dentistry as opposed to ceramic restorations.
  • Large windows in the matrix allow for the use of universal composites and help the user view the fill level.
  • Doors on the matrix compress the composite and shape the facial contour. The doors also have engineered vents that allow for easy removal of excess.
  • Precise gingival trim allows the user to remove flash prior to curing.

Clinical Tips

  • Place and cure 3M Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative at the gingival margin to help minimize the potential for voids.
  • Be sure to watch the instruction video – the process is extremely easy.
  • Avoid excessively overfilling the matrix as it may lead to more difficult removal after light curing.
  • Great for large case composite veneers and ideal if freehand veneers are new to you.
  • Use digital impressions to avoid the need to ship impressions and eliminate the time required for digitization.
  • Try a few cases; I suspect the process gets easier and easier.


  • Anterior composite restorations.