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SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 27 Clinical Evaluators
  • 468 Total Uses
  • 86% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The self-curing capability is great, especially in deep access cavitations where lack of confidence is found in light curing.”
  • “It did not take more time than incremental additions of light-cured composite.”
  • “Fast setting time, good esthetics.”
  • “Large depth of cure, plenty of time to shape and sculpt, minimal steps.”
  • “Very easy to polish. Material wasn’t chalky like other materials.”
  • “Set time was inconsistent and took too long for my taste.”


Stela properties:

  • Self-curing composite
  • Unlimited depth of cure
  • Contains fluoride, calcium and strontium


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Unique Attributes

  • Can be used on all tooth shades in non-esthetic zones
  • Anterior for A2/A3 Patients
  • BPA and HEMA Free
  • Contains fluoride, calcium, and strontium
  • Self-cured composite
  • Primer initiates curing process at restoration interface
  • Unlimited depth of cure
  • Sets in 4 minutes

Clinical Tips

  • Use proper isolation as this is a self-cured material.
  • For Class II restorations, use a metal matrix so you can sculpt the material.


  • Class I, II, III, & V
  • Core Build Ups
  • Base/Liner
  • Sealer for endodontic access openings