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Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The transition from opaque-white to tooth shade blending after curing is amazing.”
  • “Creamy consistency, stacks well and handles beautifully.”
  • “Easy to pack. Did not stick to instruments or pull away from the tooth during placement.”
  • “90% of the time, a perfect shade. Other times, the value was neutral or slightly translucent.”
  • “This concept could be a real game changer for everyday dental restorations.”
  • “Not well suited for extreme white (bleach) shades.”
  • “Somewhat opaque after curing, and it needs to be more radiopaque.”

Unique Features

  • Smart Chromatic Technology, with supra-nano spherical fillers and round fillers
  • One shade matches all tooth shades from A1 to D4
  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • High polishability and luster
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Wear- and acid-resistant
  • OMNICHROMA BLOCKER masks stains in the oral cavity in large Class III and IV preparations

Evaluation Highlights

Omnichroma was evaluated by 36 consultants and used 757 times in total.

  • One-shade composite that cures to match all shades from A1 to D4
  • No need to match shades, saving time
  • BLOCKER masks stains and blocks out the oral cavity
  • Wear-resistant and acid-resistant

Clinical Tips

  • Shield the material from the headlamp to prevent premature curing.
  • Proper bonding procedure is vital for shade matching to work correctly.
  • Incisal edges are tricky. This product is excellent in certain areas, not so much in others.
  • The best product to fill in crowns with endo holes. The BLOCKER masks the metal and the resin matches nicely.





OMNICHROMA is a universal, radiopaque, one-shade, resin-based composite. It incorporates Smart Chromatic Technology, a unique technology based on fillers that generate red-to-yellow structural color. As a result, the cured composite blends with the surrounding tooth structure of almost any patient. The composite contains uniform supra-nano spherical fillers and round fillers, fabricated with silicon dioxide and zirconium dioxide. Prior to light curing, the paste is opaque-white and transforms upon curing to blend with the surrounding tooth structure. For large Class III and IV restorations, a thin layer of OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can be applied on the lingual aspect of the preparation to prevent shade matching interference from the oral cavity. It can also be used to mask staining or to restore a highly opaque tooth, maintaining the ability of the composite to match the surrounding tooth structure. OMNICHROMA is available in syringes and pre-loaded tips (PLTs).