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Visalys Flow


  •    34 Clinical Evaluators
  • 733 Total Uses
  • 89% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the viscosity, there was no slumping.”
  • “Viscosity is thick – it stays where it is put.”
  • “Nice to have a flowable that blends.”
  • “Chameleon effect is effective without lowering value, which is common in many composites that are single shade.”  
  • “An even whiter shade would be desirable.”
  • Shade system could be more intuitive, and a shade guide should be included.”


Visalys Flow is a highly-filled, flowable composite, which offers five base shades as well as opaque and bleach shades.




Unique Characteristics

  • Flexible Shading System: 5 shades cover the Vita Classical Shade Guide
  • Balance between flowability and stability
  • Self-leveling with non-drip syringe
  • High Filler content: 80%
  • Can be used with all light-cured bonding agents

Clinical Tips

  • Opaque shade was very helpful to mask dark stains.
  • Works great for anterior esthetic Class V cases.
  • Use for securing ortho lingual bars.


  • Anterior and posterior direct restorations
  • Class I to VI
  • Can be used for sealants
  • Lining and coating of cavities
  • Luting translucent restorations
  • Repairing restorations