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Venus White Max

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good whitening results.”
  • “Full line of marketing materials is available.”
  • “Gingival barrier leaked, causing gingival irritation.”
  • “Package the gels in a dual-barrel syringe with mixing tips.”


Venus White Max is an in-office whitening system utilizing 38% hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient with potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. It does not require a chairside whitening light to produce impressive results. The gel is mixed using a syringe-to-syringe technique (one syringe contains concentrated hydrogen peroxide and the other contains chemical activator). The system comes with a light-cured gingival barrier designed  to maintain an effective barrier yet be easily removed from embrasures and undercuts. Venus White Max may be used alone or followed up with a take-home product such as Venus White Pro or Venus White Ultra. Each Venus White Max kit contains:

• two syringes of hydrogen peroxide (0.96 mL)

• two syringes of activator with potassium nitrate (0.24 mL)

• one syringe of gingival barrier (1.2 mL)

• dispensing tips (five, 22 gauge Flock tips and two, 20 gauge Black Mini tips)

• instructions for use

A full line of patient marketing materials are available, including customizable pieces. Venus White Max is just one offering within the complete family of Venus White teeth whitening and oral care products.

Venus White Max was evaluated by four consultants in 12 whitening procedures. This in-office whitening system received an 90% clinical rating.

Product Features

Venus White Max allows users the ease and flexibility of performing whitening procedures without a light. Mixing the gel is easily accomplished, and the kit contains enough material for at least 5, 15-minute treatments, although that many is not usually needed. The gingival barrier is effective in reflecting light and heat away from the soft tissue, but the low viscosity gel is challenging to apply effectively. Tooth sensitivity during the procedure was reported by 40% of patients; 60% reported gingival irritation. Whitening results were very good, and the shade changes averaged 5.5 (range of 2-10) on the Vita value-ordered shade guide. Seventy-five percent of consultants found Venus White Max to produce whitening results that were the same as or better than other in-office whitening systems they had used. Fifty percent of consultants rated Venus White Max better than other products they were using and they would switch to it and recommend it to a colleague. Ninety percent of patients would recommend Venus White Max to friends and family.

Clinical Tips

  • Keep product refrigerated in storage, but bring to room temperature prior to use.
  • Heraeus offers Venus Comfort Gel, containing potassium nitrate and fluoride, for patients that may be prone to sensitivity.