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BEYOND Polus Advanced Ultra

Beyond International Inc.


  • 4 Clinical Evaluators
  • 55 Total Uses
  • 97% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I like the sleek look and display. It has a nice custom fitted cover for storage between use.”
  • “It gives you a 3-minute warning that the time is almost up.”
  • “Articulating the head is trickier than the previous version.”
  • “It works and no heat is emitted from the light.”


  • Full-mouth whitening
  • Single-arch whitening
  • Single-tooth (spot) whitening
  • Air purification

Clinical Tip

  • “When moving the unit, wrap the cord around the folded arm to keep it from dropping down.”
  • “Get the unit ready before you seat your patient.”



BEYOND Polus Advanced Ultra Whitening Accelerator is a multifunctional system that has incorporated:

  • An upgraded light filtration system to filter out harmful heat and UV light
  • Dual-arch power whitening option that can be set to High, Medium or Low output
  • Single-tooth whitening option for precise, tailored treatment results
  • A smart remote control that allows the patient awareness of procedure time
  • Built-in air purifier for a cleaner and healthier environment
  • Improved motorized arm for easier adjustment of the accelerator head
  • Full-colored, touch screen with multilingual feature
  • Built-in instruction mode that allows for a customized whitening procedure based on the patient’s needs
  • Attached LED curing light
  • Radial arm with 360 range of motion
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Advanced temperature cooling and monitoring system to prevent overheating which enables high-volume whitening sessions without interruption

Unique Attributes

  • LightBridge™ Technology light filtration system containing 200,000 optical fibers that serve as a bridge between halogen and LED light sources
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Remote control voice instruction function