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Pola Rapid

SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 19 Clinical Evaluators
  • 56 Total Uses
  • 92% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Instructions were easy to follow and time for the procedure was excellent.”
  • “I really liked the brush tip and simplicity of the packaging.”
  • “Easy application.”
  • “Good results, easy to use, and no light needed.”
  • “The quick chair time is amazing. I had patients who have had other brand name in-office whitening comment they this was so much faster and they got better results.”
  • “Color of the gel allowed easy visibility in placing.”
  • “I feel that it worked well both with and without the Radii Xpert light.”
  • “The brush applicator takes a little getting used to. It makes the applicator tip overall wider than you may be used to.”
  • “Worked nicely and didn’t drive sensitivity on root exposure patient – able to control application.”
  • When dispensing the first amount, it was difficult to get the mixing of material just right – seems like a lot wasted.”


  •  In-office teeth whitening.

Clinical Tips

  • Use a surgical suction to remove the whitening gel between applications for fast and precise removal.
  • Double check the barrier between each application and make sure there are no areas of leakage.
  • Make the time to take before and after photos. It really shows the patient the difference. Even I did not realize there was such a big difference for a couple of patients until I looked at the photos later.


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Pola Rapid is an advanced in-office tooth whitening system:

  • Whitens teeth with an incredibly fast 24-minute application time.
  • Features built-in desensitizers and fluoride.
  • Uses a 38% hydrogen peroxide formulation.
  • Simple and precise application.

Unique Attributes

  • Blue gel makes for easy application and visibility.
  • Faster system – this material only requires 24 minutes of treatment, significantly reducing patient time in the chair.
  • The brush tip allows you to place very easily.
  • Light is not necessary; however, the Radii Xpert light can be used with the whitening attachment and the Pola Stand.