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Pola Light

SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 47 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1238 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The results were great in a short amount of whitening time. Also, it was very easy to use.”
  • “The light worked well and had a big, ‘WOW’ factor for the patients!”
  • “Comfortable wear, quick results, easy cleanup, and no sensitivity.”
  • “The comfort of the tray made it easy for my teeth to fit into it. It is very easy to use. The 10-minute applications make my busy mornings more manageable.”
  • “Overall, I love the Pola Light. It is sleek, cool, and comfortable.”
  • “The trays are obviously not custom with this kind of system, and unfortunately, one size really does not fit all.”
  • “The on/off switch for the light was very touchy.”
  • “I liked the different percentage and material options. There was no sensitivity reported.”


  • Whitening of teeth at home with a professionally dispensed system

Clinical Tips

  • Use in conjunction with Pola Menu and the whitening assessment form provided by SDI, to discuss whitening expectations with your patients.
  • Have the patient complete one supervised cycle in the office to answer any questions that may arise.





Pola Light is a professionally dispensed take-home whitening system that:

  • Whitens teeth in as little as 5 days
  • Is available in two options:
    Pola Day (9.5% hydrogen peroxide)
    Pola Night (22% carbamide peroxide)
  • Includes an LED mouthpiece
  • Incorporates extra hydration to minimize sensitivity
  • Remineralizes to strengthen teeth

Unique Attributes

  • Pola Light is not available direct to consumers; like all SDI whitening products, they are professionally dispensed.
  • Pola Menu is provided as part of the Pola whitening line, and is designed to facilitate conversations on whitening with patients. This avoids use of direct-to-consumer products, which do not allow for cosmetic considerations with a dental professional before whitening treatments.
  • Whitening assessment form is also included to gauge patient satisfaction with their smile.
  • The LED mouthpiece is light and balanced, so it sits intraorally very comfortably. It does not require connection to a phone or power source.
  • Pola Luminate is included for post-treatment touchups which makes this a complete kit for the patient.