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Venus® Bulk Fill

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use and easy to place.”
  • “Flows nicely – adapts well to cavity preparation.”
  • “I like the ability to fill cavity in 4 mm increments, a real time saver.”
  • “Material is translucent; cannot use for anterior restorations.”
  • “May flow outside of the matrix band unless tightly adapted.”


Venus Bulk Fill is a low stress, flowable posterior composite used as a base in Class I and II restorations. The product can be placed in 4 mm increments and is used in conjunction with a universal restorative material as the surface layer. The composite is a radiopaque nano-hybrid composite. Venus Bulk Fill has self-adapting characteristics to enable the material to adapt to the cavity walls. It is available in 1.8 g syringes and 0.25 g unit-dose (PLT) in a universal shade. Halogen and LED light-curing units must produce at least 550 mW/cm² for curing in 20 seconds. Bulk Fill was evaluated by 30 consultants in 609 uses. It received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants reported that Venus Bulk Fill was easy to place. The composite wets the tooth surface and adapts to the cavity preparation well with no visible bubbles. The 4 mm depth of cure is useful in deep restorations. The low viscosity of the composite allows self-leveling but can also slump and flow out of the matrix if light curing is delayed. Venus Bulk Fill is highly translucent and will not mask stained dentin. Thirty-seven percent of consultants reported that the Venus Bulk Fill was better than their current bulk-fill resin composite and 50% reported it was equivalent. Seventy percent would switch to the Venus Bulk Fill and 83% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Use a sectional matrix for the best interproximal contact.
  • Keep the tip submerged during dispensing to minimize formation of air bubbles.