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Translux Wave

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Lightweight.”
  • “Stable docking station.”
  • “Holds a charge all day.”
  • “Button is sensitive.”
  • “Mode switches back to 10-second cure after each use. I would prefer it to stay on 20 seconds.”

Clinical Tip

  • Initial battery charge will take three hours.

The Translux Wave is a cordless, pen-style LED-curing light that provides up to 1200 mW/cm². It can be used for the intraoral polymerization of light-curing dental materials such as adhesives and filling materials that are activated in the 440-480 nm wavelength range. The Translux Wave is a simple, one-button light. Upon press and release of the single button, the Translux Wave cures for a preset time of 10 seconds. Pressing and holding the button for more than one second (until a beep occurs) changes the timer to 20 seconds and automatically switches on a soft start mode. Translux Wave includes a charging base with a built-in radiometer. Translux Wave was evaluated by 10 consultants in over 400 uses. This LED curing light received a 90% clinical rating.


Equipment Features
Translux Wave
is very lightweight and comfortable to handle. The long, slim design allows good visibility while accessing all areas of the mouth. Although the single button is a simple design, operators would have preferred the option of a 20-second cure without having to hold down the button. The button is sensitive and requires only a light touch for activation. Seventy-one percent of consultants rated Translux Wave equivalent to other LED curing lights they had used and 57% would recommend it to a colleague.

Suggested Retail Cost

$1,717.80 / unit