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Bluephase PowerCure


  • 8 Clinical Evaluators
  • 340 Total Uses
  • 98% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Great curing intensity, it had different curing options and an easy swiveling curing tip.”
  • “The 3-second PowerCure with the PowerFill materials are amazing. It almost feels too fast to believe.”
  • “Good weight with a balanced, sleek, and modern design.
  • “The tack cure, ‘pre-cure’ mode was spot on, making for a very consistent cleanup.”
  • “Cool piece of technology! We will be buying one for our practice in the future.”
  • “The battery charging station has a very small footprint on my counter and is easy to clean and disinfect.” 
  • “I already like and use the Bluephase line of curing lights. The addition of the PowerCure settings makes this a great addition to the line.”
  • “I would like a little larger tip diameter.”


  • Polywave LED covers between 385 nm and 515 nm to cure all current dental photo-initiators and materials without limitation.

Clinical Tips

  • Incorporate all power settings, all are useful.
  • Use this light with the protective shield.
  • Place in charger between patient use
  • Read the instructions well to learn all functions as it has many options for use.
  • 3s PowerCure System with rapid curing is extremely useful for difficult situations, especially with children, sealant placement, and gaggers.

Unique Attributes

  • If the light wanders off of the targeted area while curing, the Polyvision will detect the motion and vibrate to alert you that you may no longer be curing the intended area.
  • The Polywave LED covers between 385 nm and 515 nm, which covers a wide range of materials and all current dental photo-initiators.





The Bluephase PowerCure is an intelligent LED curing light with:

  • An innovative, fully automated Polyvision technology, which alerts a user by vibration if the light shifts away from its initial position.
  • Depending on cure time, the light will automatically adjust to avoid curing errors.
  • Polywave LED, suitable for every light cured material.
  • Four different curing and light intensity modes: High power mode, Turbo mode, 3S mode (in conjunction with the 3s PowerCure product system) and a Pre-Cure mode for tack-curing materials.