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Radii Xpert

SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 20 Clinical Evaluators
  • 711 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I liked the different attachments and all of the programable options. It was very versatile.”
  • “Clear readout LED panel.”
  • “Cordless, high-tech appearance, and nice charger.”
  • “Long handle allows for easier gripping, and access in certain areas.”
  • “It’s a fantastic all-around design with great light output.”
  • “The small head allowed for convenient maneuverability and was easy to rotate for any curing location.”
  • “There are a variety of programs and you can set your favorites, which was a little confusing at first.”
  • “I prefer a flat tip instead of a convex tip.”
  • “Relocate on-off button or make the display window smaller for easier activation.”


  • Full Arch Bleach Attachment: Designed for acceleration of in-office tooth whitening materials such as Pola Office and Pola Office+
  • Diagnostic Attachment: Provides transillumination to assist in early detection and diagnosis of clinical problems. The Radii Xpert Diagnostic LED attachment emits a safe white light that passes through the tooth structure to aid in diagnosis of cracked teeth, interproximal caries, calculus and more.
  • Orthodontic Attachment: Specifically designed for orthodontics the Radii Xpert Orthodontic LED attachment uses a collimated beam that ensures light intensity is maintained on the bonded tooth surface. The 5-minute option provides continuous light for fast and efficient bonding of brackets.





Radii Xpert is a professional LED curing light with:

  • Pulse technology to reduce heat.
  •  Interchangeable heads.
  • Built-in intensity meter in the base.
  • Target assist precision curing that enables you to position before curing.
  • Smart technology that allows you to save your favorite settings.
  • A collimated beam that is ideal for restorations of all sizes, including bulk-filled restorations.

Unique Attributes

  • This curing light is extremely versatile due to the interchangeable heads.
  • Automatic programs load when the tip is changed.
  • You can set your favorite curing times.