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  • 15 Clinical Evaluators
  • 595 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Even though the tip is larger than my current one, the size covers more of the tooth surface, decreasing the need for multiple curing cycles.”
  • “The light weight makes for less fatigue when holding it in an awkward position.”
  • “Looked great on the shelf. Very modern, clean, and neat appearance.”
  • “Soft start is very advantageous for a lot of composites. This light has curing options for a variety of materials.”
  • “The size of the tip was perfect for curing the entire surface of a veneer.”
  • “The buttons were not raised and difficult to find, if I was not directly looking at the handle.”
  • “Felt like it was too big to get to posterior areas in small mouths.”


  • The dual-wavelength of this light can uniformly polymerize all light-cured dental materials.

Unique Attributes

  • Light weight
  • Easy to switch modes
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Nice sized light tip that is angled to easily reach tough posterior, buccal, and lingual surfaces





D-Lux+ is an LED curing light with the following features:

  • Cordless with a wireless inductive charging system
  • Dual-wavelength
  • Designed with a 10° angled tip to easily reach posterior surfaces
  • Five curing modes:
    • Standard: 900 mW/cm2
    • Soft Start: Gradual increase to 1,300 mW/cm
    • High Power: 1,300 mW/cm
    • Orthodontic: 1,800 mW/cm
      • Orthodontic (Pulse) mode: light turns on for 2-seconds and then off for 1-second, eight times.
    • Max Power: 2400 mW/cm
  • Broadband spectrum of 385nm ~ 515nm