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TIDIShield Assemble ‘n Go™ Eye Shields

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Provides appropriate protection with a professional appearance.”
  • “Lightweight – I don’t even know I have them on.”
  • “Easy assembly.”
  • “They fit over my prescription glasses.”
  • “We used them for patient protection also.”
  • “Temples can be trimmed shorter if needed.”


TIDIShield Assemble ‘n Go™ Eye Shields provide eye protection from splatter during dental procedures. The lightweight frames are re-usable and autoclavable and come in 5 assorted colors. The eye shields offer front and side protection and resist glare and fogging. The eye shields are disposable and are intended for single patient use. TIDIShield Assemble ‘n Go™ Eye Shields can be worn over prescription glasses. Each combo pack Includes 5 colored frames and 25 disposable eye shields. TIDIShield Assemble ‘n Go™ Eye Shields were evaluated by 41 consultants in over 1030 uses. This eye shield received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

TIDIShield Assemble ‘n Go™ Eye Shields are simple to assemble, and it took consultants just a few seconds to mount the eye shields onto the frames. Dental office staff liked the assorted colors and lightweight frames. Users enjoyed having crystal clear lenses that wrapped around, providing full protection to the eyes. Frames held up well after repeated sterilization, and the disposable eye shields eliminated the chances of cross contamination. 

Key Features:

When compared to current product, percentage of consultants who would: