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Com-Fit Plush Masks

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Soft, comfortable mask.”
  • “I was not aware of the different levels of protection available before trying Com-Fit Plush Masks.”
  • “Outside of the mask is easy to identify.”
  • “Easy to shape around nose; prevented fogging of eyewear.”


Com-Fit Plush Masks are designed to offer maximum comfort without sacrificing effectiveness. The masks have a soft inner lining; ear loops which are ultrasonically bound to the mask, minimizing irritation; and a patented pre-curved noseband for optimum fit. Com-Fit Plush Masks are available in ASTM Levels 1, 2, and 3, providing light, moderate and heavy fluid resistance, respectively. Levels are printed on the outside surfaces of the masks. Masks are white and come in 40-count boxes. Com-Fit Plush Masks were evaluated by 35 consultants in over 1400 uses. This mask received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

Com-Fit Plush Masks are soft and comfortable against the face. Consultants evaluated all three levels, and some noted that the Level 3 masks were thicker, making breathing a little more difficult. Many consultants were not previously aware of the various ASTM levels and felt more secure with the Level 3 for lengthy procedures. The pre-crimped noseband not only aids in a good fit, but it also identifies the inside/outside of the mask. Less fogging of eyewear was reported.


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Clinical Tips

  • Level 1 masks are appropriate for exams. Use higher levels for longer, more fluid-laden procedures.