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Sapphire Plus

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very complete system – great for a single operatory.”
  • “I liked the lesion detection the best. I can easily take a photo of any findings.”
  • “One of the best bleaching lights available.”
  • “Easy to operate and easy to switch handpieces and tips.”
  • “Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection System made the patient more aware that their cancer screening/exam was taking place.”
  • “It is cumbersome to move around, and the curing light is much more difficult to use than a cordless light.”
  • “The holder for the lesion detection scope should be factory-mounted to the light source; the adhesive mounting is not secure enough.”


Sapphire Plus is a high-intensity, multi-purpose light system used for initiating rapid polymerization of photo-initiated dental restoratives, for whitening, as an adjunct lesion detection aid (natural tissue direct fluorescence visualization system), and for soft tissue management. Specially designed filters are designed to provide peak performance for each use. Switches on the control panel have a wide range of timing increments and modes. The light source includes a control panel and digital display windows for mode and time; it also produces audio signals for additional confirmations. Light intensity may be tested with the radiometer on the front of the unit.

The Sapphire Plus Curing Handpiece includes an on/off trigger, time selection and time display. An orange light shield is removable. Sapphire Plus cures most composites in 3-5 seconds at depths to 10 mm. Multiple sizes of light guides are available. The standard size for routine use is 9 mm.

The Sapphire Plus Whitening Crystal is a curved attachment to provide light coverage across the entire arch. It may be used with the Lumibrite Chairside Whitening System, or any other light-activated gel. A floor stand with an arm for positioning the whitening crystal over the patient is also available. The default time for whitening is 60 minutes. Power output is adjustable for fewer teeth or sensitive teeth.

The Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection handpiece assists in detecting lesions, such as cancer and dysplasia, and allows for photo documentation. This attachment provides a light output of at least 75 Mw/cm2. The user looks through the scope at the illuminated soft tissue, looking for altered appearance from normal. A digital camera attaches to the scope for photo documentation of the area in question.

The entire system includes the Sapphire Plus light source unit with power cord and two keys; Sapphire Handpiece; eye protection units with cases; light guide; orange light shield; composite test rings; user guide; lesion detection handpiece; lesion detection handpiece holder; lesion detection video; 100 barrier caps; 100 barrier sheaths; camera bag; Canon camera with strap; battery; battery charger; bayonette ring; cords; user guide; tabbed reference library on oral soft tissue diseases; patient brochures; expanding file; rolling stand with whitening arm and box; Whitening Crystal; five, LUMIBrite Chairside Whitening kits; and product literature. Sapphire Plus was used by 13 consultants for lesion detection (228 uses), light curing (219 uses) and tooth whitening (45 uses). It received an 86% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Sapphire Plus is a versatile piece of equipment that performs many functions. Because the light source is a relatively large, heavy unit, consultants agreed that it was best left in a single operatory or placed on the wheeled base for portability. The light curing function performed well and cured composites quicker than the average hand-held light. The fiber-optic cable is long enough to reach from counter to patient, but it is cumbersome compared to smaller, cordless lights. The lesion detection feature of Sapphire Plus is a unique feature and a useful adjunct to traditional oral cancer screening methods. Positive patient feedback resulted from technology being used to promote “early detection.” Sapphire Plus Whitening Crystal is an easy and effective means of activating whitening get. The unit has a sturdy arm that does not drift when holding the light over the patient. Thirty-eight percent of consultants reported that Sapphire Plus was better than their current method of lesion detection and 62% reported it was equivalent. Ninety-two percent of consultants reported that Sapphire Plus Whitening Crystal was better than or equivalent to their current whitening light. Thirty-eight percent of consultants reported that Sapphire Plus was better than or equivalent to their current light-curing unit. Forty-two percent would switch to Sapphire Plus and 77% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Test cure materials before use on patients. Sapphire Plus does not cure all materials, such as some glass ionomer restoratives.
  • Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection System should be used along with conventional oral mucosal examination with incandescent (white) light. Patients with a history of photosensitivity or those using photosensitive medications should not be exposed to the light emitted from the system.
  • Turn operatory lights off while doing lesion screening.

Editors’ Note:

The soft tissue management function of Sapphire Plus was not evaluated.