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Safe-Vac, LLC

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The soft tip is more comfortable for the patient.”
  • “I will keep Safe-Vac on hand, as anything that provides more patient comfort is worth the effort and expense to me.”
  • “Latex-free.”
  • “Safe-Vac does not grab the cheeks or tongue.”
  • “I think it would be wise to use the screened Safe-Vac during any implant procedure, especially when working in the maxillary posterior. I like the added protection from aspiration.”


Safe-Vac is a disposable high-volume evacuation (HVE) tube with a cushioned tip designed to enhance patient comfort. These white, vented tubes are available in two versions: screened (blue tip) and standard (green tip). The screened tip is intended to capture small parts (i.e., sectioned crowns, implant components) and avoid suction line obstructions. The patented tips have a cushion made of non-latex materials. Safe-Vac fits on standard HVE valves and are available in 50-count packages. Safe-Vac was evaluated by 25 consultants in 654 uses. This HVE tip received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

Safe-Vac has the unique feature of an integrated cushioned tip that is effective in preventing inadvertent trauma to soft tissue. This category was the most highly rated, and it contributed to patient comfort. Tubes are rigid enough to provide retraction, and the tips are color-coded for quick identification of screened vs. open tubes. The screened version was able to catch small objects, protecting the patient from aspiration and the evacuation system from becoming occluded. Consultants commented that the noise level of Safe-Vac was higher than other suction tips, and the screened tip made a whistling sound outside the mouth.

Compared to competitive products:

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Clinical Tips

  •  The screened version can be used to “hold” a ceramic restoration while etching the internal surface before cementation.
  • Hold the screened tip next to the site while placing implant components. Safe-Vac could prevent aspiration and effect retrieval of the component.