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Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S.)

Consultants’ Comments

  • “One tip serves the function of a HVE tip and a saliva ejector.”
  • “Does not grab soft tissue.”
  • “The first real advance in HVE tips in 40 years.”
  • “Keeps water mist off of the doctor’s mirror.”
  • “Angled design allows better visibility.”


The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction (M.A.S.S.) dental HVE tip has a spiral vented design, angled barrel wall, and a rolled edge. M.A.S.S. tips fit on standard high-volume valves and are available in 100-count packages. M.A.S.S. was evaluated by 34 consultants in 769 uses. This HVE tip received an 87% clinical rating.

Product Features

The vented design of M.A.S.S. can be used in all areas of the mouth without grabbing soft tissue. Patients could even close on the tip as comfortably as with a saliva ejector. The smooth, rolled tip enhances patient comfort, and the angled tube provides good retraction and better visibility than a straight HVE tip. While the vent holes decreased the strength of the suction, it was strong enough for most procedures. Hygienists found M.A.S.S. tips useful during ultrasonic scaler procedures.  

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