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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Mouthpieces are soft and comfortable for the patient.”
  • “Great isolation, retraction, and ability to work independently.”
  • “Multiple mouthpiece sizes.”
  • “Easy to move from room to room.”
  • “Mouthpieces can be sterilized. That allows me to try in different sizes for the perfect fit with no waste.”
  • “This system was amazing. My patients loved it and my production was increased.”


The DryShield System provides isolation, evacuation of oral fluids, retraction of the cheeks, shielding of the tongue, protection of the airway, and a bite block. DryShield mouthpieces are made of autoclavable, flexible silicone material designed for maximum comfort. They come in four different sizes to fit adults and children. In addition, DryShield offers interchangeable bite blocks in multiple sizes to improve access and patient comfort. DryShield can be permanently installed or used as a portable system. The system also comes with a Y-connector kit for users who have only one HVE port and want to use DryShield along with the existing HVE. DryShield was evaluated by 20 consultants in 472 uses. This isolation system received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

DryShield is a high quality isolation system that can improve the efficiency of an operative procedure. The bite blocks are firm and removable from the isolation mouthpieces, allowing mix-and-match combinations for versatility. The ability to sterilize the components is valuable for try-in without wasting mouthpieces. Once in place, DryShield provided excellent retraction, suction and airway protection, freeing the dental assistant for other tasks. The silicone material is soft and pliable, creating a comfortable experience for the patients.


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Clinical Tips

  • Patient cooperation is important. Explain the advantages to the patient before placing the device.
  • Use mixture of air and water to lubricate the tubing for easier connection of the components.