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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Locks perfectly every time. You don’t have to worry about the tip falling out.”
  • “It’s like having a second set of hands.”
  • “I can grab it during surgery without it falling off.”
  • “The tip is sturdy and bends easily. I was able to use it for retraction.”
  • “The adaptor lever is easy to use.”
  • “I purchased 20 packs with the adaptor to give out to my friends/ colleagues.”
  • “This is a great innovation – we are switching to this product.”
  • “I would prefer opaque or colored tips – patients don’t like seeing what’s in the saliva ejector.”
  • “Slightly bulkier and heavier than other saliva ejectors.”
  • “I would prefer a slightly smaller tip.”

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure you screw the saliva ejector all the way in before bending it.
  • When bending the tip, bend towards the activation lever.
  • Switch to SecureTip for a better working experience.

Evaluation Highlights

SecureTip was evaluated by 35 consultants with an average of 45 uses per consultant.

  • Easy to use.
  • Secure, stable and reliable connection.
  • Locks in place.
  • Bends easily.
  • Efficient suctioning.
  • Soft and durable tip.
  • Strong and sturdy enough for retraction.
  • Good access and visibility.
  • Ergonomic.


SecureTip is a disposable, locking saliva ejector that has a soft, round bonded tip for patient comfort. The saliva ejector screws into the base and locks into place with a durable, aluminum valve that prevents the saliva ejector from falling out. It is also designed with an embedded copper wire to maintain the shape of the saliva ejector after bending it. SecureTip is available in bags containing 100 saliva ejectors and one SecureTip aluminum valve is needed for each operatory using SecureTip.


  • Patient procedures requiring use of a saliva ejector.

Unique Features

  • Unique locking mechanism.
  • No O-rings, so no replacement needs.
  • Vacuum line security against cross-contamination