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Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors

Consultants’ Comments

  • “These saliva ejectors seemed to keep their shape much better than the ones we were using.”
  • “No backflow – good suction without tissue trauma.”
  • “It did not capture the cheek or stick to the soft tissue – resulted in less patient discomfort.”
  • “Made me think about the cross contamination aspects of a vacuum system.”
  • “Seemed to come out of on/off valve too easily – need to fit the tubing tighter.”


Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector is a disposable saliva ejector with a one-way safety valve and a bonded tip. The one-way valve is designed to prevent contaminated material from flowing back into the patient’s mouth. The saliva ejector is a latex-free, flexible white plastic with an embedded wire to assist in keeping the shape once bent. The tip is designed to minimize damage to tissue while offering efficient flow of fluids. Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors fit on a standard low-volume saliva ejector valve. They are available in 100-count packages. Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors were evaluated by 37 consultants in 1731 uses. They received a 91% rating.

Product Features

Safe-Flo Saliva Ejector inserts easily into standard low-volume suction valve. The one-way safety valve is a bulge at the base of the ejector tubing and does not interfere with the connection to the suction valve. Consultants found the saliva ejectors to be easy to bend and once adjusted, the shape was maintained. Ease of access to quadrants was rated as very good to excellent. Consultants who routinely flush vacuum lines between patients found Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors to be an easier way to provide protection from contaminated materials. Sixty-five percent of consultants effectively used them for retraction.  Forty-nine percent of consultants reported that Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors were better than other saliva ejectors and 35% reported they were equivalent. As an infection control device, 92% of consultants reported that Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors were better. Sixty-two percent would switch to Safe-Flo Saliva Ejectors and 78% would recommend them.