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S3 Mint Face Mask

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It fit my ears better than others with the same design.”
  • “Thicker than the brand we are currently using.”
  • “I liked the subtle mint scent, and the rounded ear loops were comfortable.”
  • “Very soft to the skin.”
  • “It needs a thicker metal band to improve the fit on the nose.”


S3 Mint Face Mask is an ear-loop face mask for use in medical or dental procedures. The mask is latex-free, non-irritating, and free of glutens, chemicals, and fiberglass. It is designed for moisture-free breathing while delivering 99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) at 0.1 micron. It is available in green, lavender, blue, and yellow and has a light mint scent. Thirty-three consultants evaluated S3 Mint Face Mask in over 867 clinical procedures. The product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

S3 Mint Face Mask has a CoolSilk™, lint-free inner layer without fluffy irritation. Most consultants rated the size and shape of the mask as excellent, although some reported the nose fit could be improved. The metal nose band does not fully maintain its bend and tends to creep up over time. The rounded ear loop straps are very comfortable while effectively securing the mask in place. All consultants ranked comfort as the most important feature in a face mask, while 70% ranked the hypoallergenic feature as very important. Sixty percent of evaluators reported they liked the mint scent and 45% rated the S3 Mint Face Mask as the same or better than their current mask. Seventy-two percent of consultants reported they would switch to S3 Mint Face Mask and recommend it to their colleagues.