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S3 C2 Face Mask

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The hypoallergenic construction makes it the one mask everyone in the office can grab.”
  • “The inner layer is smooth and does not irritate my nose.”
  • “I love the scent, but make it last longer.”
  • “I really like the mask, but would probably purchase the available unscented version.”
  • “The nose guard could use some increased support.”


S3 C2 Face Mask has an outside-in earloop wrap design. It has dye-, chemical- and lint-free cellulose inner layer. The filter layers are fiberglass- and latex-free and the outermost layer is designed to be fluid resistant for additional protection. S3 C2 Face Mask has a micro-layer of cucumber extract, adding a concept of skin care and comfort as well as a light cucumber scent. S3 C2 Face Masks are available in three colors (blue, lavender and pink) and are packaged in a 50-count box. Forty-one consultants used S3 C2 Face Mask in over 700 clinical procedures. This face mask received an 82% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants noted that the size and shape of S3 C2 Face Mask fit the face well. The 99% bacterial and particle filtration was a very important feature for consultants. They also noted the importance of a latex-, chemical-, dye-, and fiberglass-free mask. The inner surface of the mask is smooth, without any loose fibers that could irritate the nose. Cushioned ear loops and full-length nose guard also enhance comfort. The cucumber extract and scent were appreciated by about half of the consultants, while the others did not care to have a scented mask. Fifty percent of consultants stated their willingness to switch to the S3 C2 Face Mask. Sixty percent of consultants judged this mask equal to or better than their current product and would recommend it to a colleague.