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S3 ACE Face Mask

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Loved the feel. ”
  • “Lightweight on my face.”
  • “Great for my staff with sensitive skin.”
  • “Easy to breath.”
  • “Like the variety of colors.”
  • “A longer or stiffer wire might provide a better fitting.”


S3 ACE is an ear-loop face mask indicated for dental procedures. S3 ACE Face Masks have bacteria filtration efficiencies (BFE) of greater than 99% and particle filtration efficiency (PFE) at 0.1 micron. The mask is 100% latex-free and chemical-free. S3 ACE is made with a lint free, soft cellulose inner layer, and has a fluid-resistant outer layer for increased protection. The inner surface of the mask is micro-coated with Active Aloe, vitamin C and vitamin E to moisturize the skin. The dispenser box contains 50 flat, pleated style, ear-loop-retained face masks. The masks are available in blue, pink, lavender, and white. S3 ACE Face Mask was evaluated by 32 consultants in over 705 uses. This product received an 89% clinical rating.

Product Features

The aloe, vitamin C, and vitamin E lining of S3 ACE Face Mask has a moisturizing effect on the skin. Several consultants commented that their face did not feel as dry after wearing these masks. The 100% latex-free, chemical-free, and lint free cellulose layers were considered favorable for clinicians with sensitive skin. The cushioned ear loops and thin material made the masks comfortable to wear and easy to breathe through. Several consultants reported the wire nose guard was not as stiff as their current masks and more difficult to form around the nose, resulting in fogging of glasses. Fifty percent of the clinical consultants rated the S3 ACE Face Mask equal to or better than their current face mask