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Piranha Diamonds

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “This is a nice diamond and due to being single-patient-use they are always new.”
  • “These diamonds were effective for sectioning ceramic crowns.”
  • “Excellent shape selection.”
  • “The transparent packaging makes selection easy when setting up for a procedure.”
  • “The ‘shorter-than-short’ shanks are great for cases with limited access.”


Piranha Diamonds are single-patient-use and are manufactured for all types of restorative and finishing procedures. They are available in six grits (super-coarse to ultra-fine) and three shank lengths (standard, 19-24 mm; short, 16-19 mm; and shorter-than-short, 16 mm). The diamonds are available in a wide selection of shapes including football (pointed and standard), round, cone (inverted and double inverted) depth cutters, pear, taper (flat end, modified flat end, and round), mosquito-nose, barrel, flame, needle, wheel, and more. The diamonds are manufactured using centerless-ground, stainless steel shanks for concentricity and resistance to corrosion. The diamond particles are bonded using nickel as the matrix material. Piranha Diamonds are individually packaged in sealed, transparent, plastic envelopes, 25 to a box. Individual diamonds are color-coded on the shank, indicating the grit. Thirty-three clinical consultants used the Piranha Diamonds in over 1,100 procedures. This product received a 95% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants found the Piranha Diamonds fit very well into the handpiece and were very easy to use. The variety of shapes and grits is excellent. The color-coded shanks are a useful feature making it easy to find the appropriate grit, but the color-coding fades or peels away when the diamonds are sterilized before use. Piranha Diamonds are designed to be single-use and one of the most-liked features was that a new diamond was available for every patient, increasing the cutting and preparation efficiency. The concentricity of the diamonds is an excellent feature, and the effectiveness of the coarse grit is highly efficient. Ninety-three percent of clinical consultants found Piranha Diamonds to be equal to or better than the diamond they are currently using, 82% would recommend them to a colleague, and 75% would switch.Editors’ Note: The manufacturer has recently changed the packaging. Piranha Diamonds are now sold in boxes of 25-count rolls of individually packaged diamonds. Each package is perforated for easy use.