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Komet Single-Patient Use Operative Diamonds


  • 63 Dental Professionals
  • 1506 Total Uses
  • 94% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Best cutting efficiency for any single-use burs that I have used.” 
  • “Cut smooth with no chatter on the teeth.” 
  • “Excellent quality. They were virtually indistinguishable from multi-use burs.”
  • “In today’s heightened sensitivity to infection control, a single-usebur is a huge advantage.” 
  • “They cut better than a typical single-use bur. I was able to do an entire quadrant and felt like it was just as good at the end of the procedure as it was at the very beginning.”  
  • “Consistently cut very fast and smooth.”
  • “With multi-use burs, sometimes you find it needs to be replaced as you get started. It was nice knowing that I definitely had a sharp and new, ready to cut bur for the procedure.”
  • “I require a lot of different shaped burs for direct and indirect procedures, endodontics, and surgical procedures; so, I prefer having a bur block with everything I need on it. It would take a considerable amount of time to set up for each procedure with only single-use burs.”


Komet Single-Patient Use Operative Diamonds:

  • Individually wrapped and pre-sterilized
  • Higher initial sharpness than competitive brands
  • Available in 248 different shapes and sizes (4 tested in this evaluation)
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Unique Attributes

  • Single-patient use
  • Sharpest on the market
  • Pre-sterilized


  • Any dental operative procedure requiring a diamond bur

Clinical Tips

  • They cut well, even when cutting metal.
  • Very helpful with removing old crowns and preps.