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MANI Carbide Burs


  • 35 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1074 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The burs were very efficient and durable.”
  • “The shapes are perfect, and they do not discolor or corrode after autoclaving.”
  • “No vibration and clean cutting with limited debris build-up on burs.”
  • “Remained sharp, even after sterilization.”
  • “This is the best bur I’ve ever used for crown removal; little wobble and cuts like butter.”
  • “The packaging should have a perforated line across the back of the well that each bur is encased in.”
  • “The neck of the shank just before the carbide head seemed thin, which worried me about durability, especially after sterilization.”


MANI Carbide Burs are carbide burs which are:

  • Cutting efficient
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Autoclavable
  • Available in 58 shapes


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Unique Attribute

  • Improved blade geometry for effective cutting

Clinical Tips

  • The 1557 burs with rounded edges are perfect for composite preparation and placement for proximal boxes.
  • Loved the taper on the amalgam prep (245) bur.
  • I did the main prep accessing the decay with the 330 and then I would use the 245 to clean up the walls.
  • We dip the burs in surgical milk prior to sterilization and got great cutting efficiency even after sterilization.
  • You do not need as much pressure to cut with these burs.


  • All restorative procedures requiring reduction, finishing, or polishing.
  • All surgical procedures requiring cutting.
  • All endodontic procedures requiring reduction and finishing.