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Composite SINGLES

Meisinger USA, L.L.C.


  • 35 Dental Professionals
  • 897 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It produced a really good shine. I was VERY impressed.”
  • “They did not leave residue on the restoration.”
  • “Could polish multiple teeth with one single.”
  • “All the patients stated that their restorations felt better after being polished with these.” 
  • “The new “squid” shape worked well for accessing the interproximals of Class II restorations.”
  • “Some shapes are too large for conservative Class II restorations.”
  • “They felt a bit rigid and could not bend around corners as effectively as a disc.”


Composite Singles are single-use polishers designed to:

  • Produce a brilliant shine on all resin composite materials
  • Allow for easy access to all surface areas with four different shapes
  • Fit all right angle/latch handpieces
  • Polish in two-steps: pre-polish and high shine

Unique Attributes

  • Single-use composite polishers provide confidence in infection control
  • These polishers are very durable and can be used for multiple teeth without breaking down
  • Two-step polishers provide a glossy surface on composite restorations
  • Four different shapes for easy access to all surface areas
  • Features a revolutionary shape, the unique and versatile “Squid”-shaped polisher