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Alpen Carbide Burs

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “ Very smooth when cutting, no chatter, no breakage and fully durable.”
  • “The cutting efficiency was great.”
  • “I never had a bur head break off from the shaft.”
  • “With this bur I averaged 5-7 teeth before replacement compared to 2-4 teeth with my current brand.”
  • “They cut through old amalgams and crowns really well.”
  • “I liked that I did not have to worry about a weld point separating.”
  • “Very smooth, even when removing metal restorations!”
  • “No joint to break or rust.”
  • “Predictable. I know they are going to fit in my chuck, cut predictably, and hold together.”
  • “Best burs I have ever used. I would definitely recommend them.”
  • “I liked the shape of the burs.”
  • “Cut through enamel very quickly and evenly.”
  • “Held sharpness after autoclave cycles better than the current burs I use.”

Unique Features

  • One-piece fabrication, eliminating the risk of joint breakage and rusting
  • High concentricity
  • Efficient cutting
  • Durable

Clinical Tips

  • Let the bur do the cutting; they are very efficient.
  • Use copious water.
  • Great for cutting through the metal on a PFM crown.

Evaluation Highlights

Alpen Carbide Burs were evaluated by 33 consultants, with a total of 901 uses.

  • Smooth cutting, minimal vibration or chatter
  • Efficient and predictable cutting
  • Durable
  • One-piece fabrication, eliminating the risk of joint breakage and rusting


  • Dental procedures requiring the use of carbide burs





Alpen Carbide Burs offer a variety of one-piece constructed burs in various profiles allowing for greater product selection. This one-piece method of fabrication is also designed to improve concentricity. Greater cutting efficiency, precision, and durability are achieved with burs that are highly concentric. Alpen Carbide Burs are available in packs of 5, 10 and/or 100 burs, and are available in a variety of shapes including: round, inverted cone, amalgam prep, pear, fissure, round end fissure, long tapered fissure, round end tapered fissure, cross cut fissure, round end cross cut tapered fissure, long cross cut tapered fissure, end cutting, and tapered fissure.