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Select® Diamond Burs

Consultants’ Comments

  • “They fit well in the handpiece, cut smoothly and there was no vibration.”
  • “Their cutting efficiency is outstanding.”
  • “Cut well and its nice they are single-use disposable.”
  • “I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to with these single-use diamonds.”
  • “Good durability and concentricity.”
  • “Great quality for a single-use diamond.”
  • “High quality. They did not clog up with debris.”
  • “Good range of shapes, I liked the long flame bur and the availability of long shanks.”
  • “The shank was shorter than I am used to.”

Evaluation Highlights

Select Diamond Burs were evaluated by 23 consultants for a total of 587 times.
  • Efficient cutting.
  • Cuts smoothly.
  • Fits well in handpiece.
  • Good concentricity/lack of vibration.
  • Durable.

Unique Features

• 5-year shelf life.
• Pre-sterilized single use.


Procedures requiring the use of diamond burs.


Select® Diamond Burs are single-use, friction-grip burs designed to cut with maximum precision and minimum vibration. They are Swiss-manufactured to strict tolerances using Safeshank® heat-treated hardened stainless steel, resulting in precise shank diameters for vibration-free cutting. In addition, the coating process used is reported to double the strength of the diamond bonding to the shank for long lasting, sharp and smooth cutting ability. Select Diamond Burs are packed in a Class 10 Clean Room then gamma irradiated. They are available in coarse, extra course, medium, fine and extra-fine grits. Available shapes include round, pear, pointed cone, BUD, EGG, flat end taper, flat end cylinder, flame, barrel, round end taper, wheel ended rim, KS cylinder, gross reduction cylinder and interdental burs. Select
Diamond Burs are packaged as individual burs, available in blister packs containing 10 burs.