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Palodent Sectional Matrix System


Consultants’ Comments

  • “I have been using this matrix system for years and it is even better than the original kit.”
  • “Rings maintain their tension after repeated use.”
  • “Nice selection of matrix and ring sizes.”
  • “It would be nice to have even longer tines on some rings.”
  • “I would like the rings to fit tighter to provide even greater separation.”
  • “Increase the buccal-lingual length of the matrices.”


The Palodent Sectional Matrix System is a sectional matrix system for use during placement of interproximal amalgam r composite restorations or temporary fillings. The kit contains pre-contoured metal matrix forms (three sizes/shapes) and BiTine® rings (two styles) for matrix retention and tooth separation. The shaped matrices are designed to enhance reproduction of natural proximal shape and post-operative contact. The rings are placed interproximally with a rubber dam clamp forcep; the spring-action of the ring creates separation of the teeth, facilitating inter-dental preparation space as well as formation of a positive proximal contact. The Standard, Mini and Plus stainless steel matrices allow use of The Palodent Sectional Matrix System in a broad variety of situations. The two ring shapes permit control over visualization and access in the operating field. Thirty-one consultants used The Palodent Sectional Matrix System in the placement of over 550 restorations.

Product Features

Consultants found The Palodent Sectional Matrix System easy to use and the packaging convenient. There is a tendency for matrices to stick together in the package. The selection of matrix sizes and shapes and the new ring clamp style were highly rated. The resultant proximal contacts and contours were very good. Removal of the matrices after filling placement is not a problem. The rings are easy to place, stable after being placed and maintain good tension against the teeth; long-term tension in the rings is excellent. The two different shaped rings provided a versatile addition to the technique. Seventy percent of consultants found The Palodent Sectional Matrix System equivalent to or better than their current sectional matrix system. Fifty-five percent would purchase The Palodent Sectional Matrix System and 70% would recommend it to colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Burnishing the matrix before placing restorative material is helpful in creating both shape and contact tightness desired.
  • Wedge the matrix for stabilization and gingival margin closure.
  • Use of flexible wedges helps improve contacts.