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Pro-Matrix & Pro-Matrix Curve Matrix Bands


Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great for pediatric dentistry, geriatric dentistry, or when you need a band fast.”
  • “Easy adjustment with a very safe and consistent tightening mechanism.”
  • “Beautiful proximal contours that are not possible with a conventional matrix.”
  • “These matrix bands are pre-assembled. They save time and are very convenient.”
  • “Great for smaller preps and pediatric restorations.”
  • “I’m excited to phase out our standard Tofflemire setups.”
  • “In some instances, it was difficult to achieve an anatomical proximal contact.”
  • “It wasn’t contoured as well as sectional matrices, and I couldn’t use it for deep preparations.”
  • “Easier to adjust than traditional metal matrix retainers.”
  • “The bands were too thick, making it hard to burnish them for great interproximal contacts, and it was sometimes difficult to place them in tight spaces.”

Clinical Tips

  • Burnish the band well to obtain interproximal contacts.
  • Wedge the tooth before placing the matrix band to help obtain good contacts.
  • They have the ability to open up a little larger than their opening straight from the package.
  • Remember to switch the positioner for different sites, and if necessary custom contour the matrix before placement.

Evaluation Highlights

Pro-Matrix Curve Matrix Bands were evaluated by 27 consultants and used in total 759 times.

  • Pre-assembled, single-use
  • Contoured
  • Easy, fast placement
  • Narrow neck
  • Available in wide and narrow sizes

Unique Features

  • Contoured circumferential matrix bands for improved fit for both large and small restorations
  • Narrow neck for access and visibility
  • Smooth tightening mechanism
  • Smooth edges for patient comfort


  • Matrix bands for Class II direct composite restorations


Pro-Matrix Curve Matrix Bands are single-use, contoured circumferential matrix bands. They are designed for large and small Class II composites. The bands are delivered pre-assembled, offering a fast and easy-to-use solution, and a smooth tightening mechanism is incorporated that allows the fit to be adjusted. A wedge may also be used for composite restorations to separate the teeth slightly during use. The contour of the bands is designed to make placement easier, improve the contact and anatomical shape of the restoration compared to straight matrix bands. Pro-Matrix Curve Matrix Bands are available in boxes containing 50 wide or narrow bands.