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NiTin Sectional Matrix System

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use. The rings fit well, the matrices go subgingivally nicely and good cervical margin fit.”
  • “Excellent stacking when more than one ring was needed.”
  • “I like that longer matrices are available for restorations extending past the proximal line angles.”
  • “The elliptical shape is a great advantage when placing the ring between 1st and 2nd molars.”
  • “The best is the placement tab and forceps, which make it easy to place the matrix.”
  • “Great ring forceps design for easy placement and removal of rings.”
  • “Good adaptation to teeth, and doesn’t lose tension around teeth after many uses.”
  • “The ring strength created a tight contact.”
  • “The matrices seemed a little too large. They can be too long for an MOD on a smaller tooth.”
  • “The placement tabs blocked my view of preps and got in the way when contouring composite.”

Clinical Tips

  • Trim the sectional matrix if it is too tall.
  • I was able to place wedges AFTER the matrix and the ring, because the matrix pressing part is made of non-compressible polymer material. This is a very significant advantage over other systems.
  • Make sure that you spread the rings a little wider so as to not upset the matrix and the wedge.
  • Place the matrix band and ring, then the wedge to improve matrix stability and marginal seal.
  • Double wedge and burnish the matrix band.
  • Place the appropriate sized matrix band and wedge, then the proper sized ring and use a composite instrument to form a proper shape for the proximal area. This results in very little flash, if any.

Evaluation Highlights

  • NiTin Sectional Matrix System was evaluated by 22 consultants and used in total 511 times.
  • Soft, strengthened nickel titanium sectional matrices
  • Assorted sizes of matrices with and without extensions, wedges
  • Easy placement of rings
  • Stackable
  • Good marginal seal

Unique Features

  • Drawn-wire nickel titanium heat-set processed rings with PEEK overmold and tips for strength, resilience and stretch. PEEK also resists bonding of composites to the ring tips
  • Easy tab placement for controlled precise placement using ring forceps with optimized tips
  • Curved ‘ski-like’ tips on wedges help the wedge glide into position and are color-coded by size


  • Sectional matrix system for Class II direct composite restorations


NiTin Sectional Matrix System consists of sectional matrices, rings, wedges, and forceps. The NiTin rings are fabricated with drawn-wire nickel titanium (Nitinol) that has undergone proprietary heat-set processing to increase its strength and resilience, and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) reinforcement to reduce ring stretch. The ring placement forceps offer precise control during ring placement and the fully contoured sectional matrices are fabricated from polished, very soft 0.0015” stainless steel and are rigid to resist deformation. An easy placement tab is incorporated for matrix placement using the band forceps. The flexible curved wedges are designed with a curved tip to help the wedge glide interproximally to provide a marginal seal. NiTin Sectional Matrix System is available in a starter kit containing 1 long and 1 standard NiTin ring, 100 assorted matrices (premolar, molar and tall molar, with and without extensions), 100 assorted wedges (xtra small, small, medium and large), 1 each ring placement, and band forceps. A mini kit containing 40 each of assorted size matrices and wedges is available, as well as packs of matrices, wedges and separate accessories.