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Iveri Whitening System

Iveri Whitening, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The quickest in-office whitening I have ever used.”
  • “No gel to mix or apply.”
  • “Comfortable for patients who have sensitive gag reflexes.”
  • “A lot of rinsing is required to remove the gel.”
  • “Gel in the whitening pen makes teeth and lips tingle.”


Iveri Whitening System is an in-office system designed to whiten teeth in one or two, 20 minute sessions and is recommended to be combined with a cleaning appointment. Whitening gel is provided in a dual-arch tray, which is one size fits all and can be used as a take home tray for touch ups and maintenance. This eliminates the need to take impressions, pour models etc. for traditional take home trays. The Iveri whitening light uses red and blue LED technology to accelerate whitening and protect gingival health without producing heat. Each Iveri Whitening Kit contains a tray pre-filled with regular or extra-strength gel and accessories. The extra-strength gel contains 36% carbamide peroxide and 6% hydrogen peroxide, while the regular strength gel contains only 36% carbamide peroxide. All Iveri whitening gel formulations contain potassium nitrate and xylitol to eliminate sensitivity and minimize dehydration. The Iveri Whitening line of products also includes At-Home Whitening Kits (16%, 22%, 35% carbamide peroxide and 8%, 14% Hydrogen Peroxide) and the Iveri Anywhere Whitening Pen (35% carbamide peroxide). Iveri Whitening System was evaluated by six consultants in 31 uses. This in-office whitening system received an 88% clinical rating.

Product Features

The short 20 minute procedure time was considered the best feature of Iveri Whitening System by consultants and patients alike. It requires minimal preparation and chair time. A light-cured gingival barrier is used for the Extra Strength In Office Whitening prior to placing the tray in the patient’s mouth. A Vitamin E Oil is used for the Regular Strength In Office Whitening prior to placing the tray in the patient’s mouth. The pre-filled tray is soft and flexible and fits all patients plus can be used for their at home whitening care. The gel is positioned in the tray to cover the facial surfaces and it is viscous enough so that is does not leak out the edges during treatment. The Iveri light is simple to operate and covers the entire arch. Patients reported that they were comfortable during their whitening procedure, with little to no tooth sensitivity. Consultants reported that effectiveness of the whitening procedure varied and the extra strength gel showed better results. Seventy-five percent of consultants would switch to Iveri Whitening System and 75% would recommend it.