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Great White Z

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “For cutting zirconia, Great White Z is much better than most other diamonds.”
  • “The fine grit of Great White Z is ideal for use when the crown is to be retained.”
  • “Great to have in the office for when I need them.”
  • “A thinner, coarser diamond would be better for the sectioning and removal of a zirconia crown.”


Great White Z is a line of diamonds designed for use on sintered zirconia. Used at high speed, this cutting instrument is intended to provide cutting efficiency for removal or adjustment of zirconia crowns and copings as well as endodontic access. The introductory kit includes four diamonds – small round, large round, round-end taper and football – in an autoclavable bur-block. The round diamonds are used for endodontic access, the round-ended taper diamond is for slot crown removal, and the football is for adjustment procedures. More than 20 consultants used Great White Z diamonds in over 360 uses. This product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants responded favorably to an instrument specifically designed to remove zirconia. Great White Z diamonds do an excellent job cutting through the veneer porcelain of a crown and better than a regular diamond when entering the zirconia substructure. The round diamonds were reported to be the most effective shape for preparing an endodontic access. The grit of Great White Z is not extremely coarse; therefore, it produces a smooth opening and does not cause chipping of the crown. For removing crowns using the slot technique, the round-end tapered diamond is effective but would benefit from a thinner diameter with coarser grit. Overall, 86% of consultants found Great White Z to be equal to or better than their current zirconia-removal diamonds, and 62% would recommend Great White Z to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • For the best results, use copious water and do not press too hard – let the diamond do the cutting for you.