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Great White Z Diamond Instruments (Lab Evaluation)

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good for finishing margins.”
  • “It’s my favorite brand.”
  • “Works well for adjusting zirconia.”
  • “A flame shape and a narrower taper would be useful.”


Great White Z is a line of diamond burs specifically designed to quickly cut and adjust sintered zirconia copings and ceramic crowns. The instruments have a friction grip shank for use in a high-speed handpiece. The Great White Z introductory kit includes four diamonds in a bur block: one round-end taper diamond, two sizes of round diamonds and one football-shaped diamond. The diamonds are also available in 5-pack refills in each shape. Great White Z diamond instruments were evaluated by technicians in seven dental laboratories in over 246 cases. The product received a 91% clinical rating

Product Features

Great White Z is designed for maximum cutting efficiency for zirconia substructures with greater durability compared to standard diamonds and carbide burs. Great White Z cut well, allowing contouring of zirconia while leaving a fairly smooth surface. The specialty shapes allow for adaptability and flexibility in one kit. The football shape was reported to be the most versatile as well as the most used in the laboratory, followed by the round-end taper, the large round, and finally the small round. The packaging was well received; however, the autoclavable feature of the bur block is not necessary for lab use. The cutting efficiency of the burs was the most highly rated feature. Overall, 72% of labs that evaluated Great White Z would switch to the product, and 72% would recommend these burs to their colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Use water spray while cutting to keep zirconia cool.