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Dia-PT Files

DiaDent Group International

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The flexibility of the files made shaping of curved canals easy.”
  • “This is an excellent, easy-to-use systematic approach.”
  • “You only need 5 files to get the job done.”
  • “Cutting with these files was efficient but not too aggressive.”
  • “The calibration rings did not line up well.”
  • “Package all necessary files into a single patient use kit or individually package files, rather than providing them in bulk packs.”
  • “I feel that other file systems are more flexible and better able to negotiate the canals that, as an endodontist, I am faced with.”
  • “I would like to see fewer files being required for a procedure.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use lots of irrigation and RC Prep for tight canals.
  • Be sure to have a glide path with a 15 file.
  • Keep the canals lubricated.
  • Do not rush through filing. Use a pumping action until this action is smooth and without resistance.
  • Use the matching Dia-ProT gutta percha points.

Evaluation Highlights

Dia-PT Files were evaluated by 22 consultants, with an average of 16 uses per consultant.

  • Easy system to use – shapes and cleans canals beautifully.
  • The gutta percha matches up well with the finishing files.
  • The instruments are secure in place and do not slide upon opening the box.
  • The files are flexible, cut well and save time.
  • Compared to current shape memory files, these files are stiff.
  • Enlarge the apical end of the files to ensure adequate removal of debris and shaping.
  • Cyclical fatigue testing a plus.
  • Color-coding the boxes differently would make it easier to find the length of file we are seeking, and a plastic-coated chart showing the file color and use of file would be helpful.


  • Endodontic treatment.

Unique Features

Dia-PT Files are progressively tapered and are designed for instrumentation of curved and calcified canals. They have a triangular cross section that is designed to reduce the file’s contact with the canal wall, thus improve safety by decreasing the torsional load.


Dia-PT Files are flexible nickel-titanium rotary files available in 19, 21 and 25 mm lengths. The 19 mm DX file is designed for coronal shaping, providing access in restrictive and hard-to-reach areas. D1 and D2 are for coronal and canal shaping with purple and white identification ring on the handles. D3 ,D4 and D5 are finishing files and have yellow, red, and blue identification rings on the handles corresponding to ISO color coding of size #20, #25, and #30. Dia-PT Files offer universal compatibility with other techniques and systems, and are designed with an anti-corrosion coating. The files have a variable taper for increased cutting efficiency. The manufacturer recommends that the files are used with a torque of 2 to 3 Ncm and at a rotary speed of 250 to 350 rpm and that use of an individual file be confined to less than 60 minutes. Dia-PT Files are available in packs of four, with 21 mm or 25 mm files in sizes D1 through D5, and in a 4-pack with 19 mm DX files. Packs of Dia-ProT gutta percha and paper points are available to precisely fit the shapes created by Dia-PT Rotary Files.