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Dia-X Rotary File System

DiaDent Group International

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The files shaped and prepared canals with ease. They are very flexible in the apical third.”
  • “This system has enabled me to increase the overall quality of my endodontics.”
  • “Files cut smoothly and efficiently and are fracture-resistant.”
  • “Easy instrumentation and numbered file sequence. I liked the simplicity.”
  • “Files have notches every mm which engages the stopper and is a base for the apex locator.”
  • “Gutta percha points are an excellent fit in the prepared canals.”
  • “A relatively small number of files are required to get the job done.”
  • “The gutta percha points are numbered differently than the files – confusing.”
  • “This is a different nomenclature for file usage – I really had to think about how to use it the first couple of times.”

Clinical Tip

  • Use for cases with canal curvature

Evaluation Highlights

Dia-X Rotary File System was evaluated by 27 consultants, with a total of 328 uses.
  • File system for shaping and preparing root canals.
  • Sequentially numbered files.
  • Flexible files.
  • Shapes curved and calcified canals.
  • Files are corrosion-resistant and autoclavable.
  • Matching gutta percha points.

Unique Features

  • Matching gutta percha points.
  • Flat non-cutting tip.
  • Convex triangular cross-section, reducing rotational friction and contact with the canal wall.


  • Good centering ability, following the original canal shape
  • Curved canals
  • Calcified canals


Dia-X Rotary File System consists of a series of flexible, heat-treated, nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) rotary files used for debris removal and shaping of root canals. The files are designed for effective instrumentation of calcified and curved canals and incorporate a flat non-cutting tip to efficiently remove debris and soft tissue. The progressively decreasing taper enhances their flexibility, and the convex triangular cross-section reduces rotational friction and contact with the canal wall. In addition, the 11 mm handle provides for accessibility. The files are coated for corrosion resistance and autoclavable. Dia-X Rotary File System consists of a box with a DX file 19 mm in length, and Dia-X files in sizes D1 through D5 in 21 mm or 25 mm lengths. DX files are used for coronal shaping and Dia-X D1 through D5 files are used to shape the canals. Dia-ProT ™ gutta percha points and Dia-ProT ™ paper points are available that match the D3, D4 and D5 files.