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HyFlex EDM

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “ Being able to shape many canals effectively with one file is nice.”
  • “More flexible than the system I currently use and fewer steps to finish.”
  • “Tracked the canal anatomy very well.”
  • “Simple system to follow.”
  • “Very efficient and smooth cutting action.”
  • “I like the file’s ability to return to its shape after autoclaving.”
  • “I did not feel the cutting was as effective in the apical 3rd of the canal.”

Unique Features

  • Pre-sterilized NiTi files, fabricated using EDM technology
  • Normal autoclaving returns the files to their original shape
  • Up to 700% greater fracture resistance compared to traditional Niti files
  • Variable cross section design contributes to high fracture resistance
  • Hardened surface plus controlled memory improves cutting efficiency
  • Built-in shape memory prevents stress during canal preparation by changing their spiral shape
  • Hardened surface reduces risk of file separation
  • Fewer Files Required for Canal Preparation
  • Matching gutta percha points
  • Modular system

Clinical Tips

  • Tips are so flexible they can distort easily if you are not careful with initial placement.
  • Files can be pre-curved, making them highly effective in curved canals.
  • After obtaining a good glidepath, the OneFile can be used to shape most canals to terminus.

Evaluation Highlights

HyFlex EDM was evaluated by 21 consultants, with a total of 163 uses.

  • Fewer files for canal preparation, most needing only OneFile
  • Autoclaving returns files to original shape
  • Extremely flexible with shape memory
  • Modular system that is simple to follow
  • Effective in straight or curvy canals


  • Endodontic preparation of all canals, from straight to complex





HyFlex EDM are 5th-generation NiTi rotary endodontic files fabricated using Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology, which hardens the surface of the nickel-titanium (NiTi) file. This provides for excellent flexibility and fracture resistance. The files are also designed to offer high cutting efficiency for the preparation of all canals, from straight to complex. The combination of flexibility, fracture resistance and cutting efficiency makes it possible to reduce the number of files required during root canal therapy, while preserving root canal anatomy. The built-in shape memory of HyFlex EDM files prevents stress during canal preparation by changing their spiral shape.
HyFlex EDM is provided as a pre-sterilized modular system that includes Shaping, GlidePath, OneFile, Orifice Opener, and Finishing files. OneFile is designed to increase the number of cases that can be prepared with confidence using just one or two HyFlex EDM files. Matching gutta percha points are also available.