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  •    21   Clinical Evaluators
  •   92   Uses
  • 86% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “It was a simple system and quite easy to use.”
  • “Small numbers of files required to complete the root canal.”
  • “Very nice to have a system that is designed as a multi-use instrument. The files did return to their original shape after use and sterilization.”
  • “These files are flexible yet strong!”
  • “Quicker cutting than my current file system.”
  • “Very smooth cutting with no binding. ”
  • “The orifice opener was bit rigid.”
  • “I would like to see matching gutta percha points with this system.”


JIZAI is a new generation of NiTi rotary files:

  • Procedural based sequencing
  • Tip size, taper, and sequence number etched on the shank of the file
  • Smooth cutting with less screw-in effect
  • Significantly lower risk of ledge, transportation, and perforation due to flexibility
  • Unique shape helps prevent over instrumentation and excessive engagement on the canal walls

Files included in this evaluation:

  • Jizai Orifice Opener
  • Jizai Glider
  • Jizai Shaping files (I, II, and III)

Unique Attributes

  • Design is based on concept of pursuing smoother and minimum-invasive treatment. Specifically, the unique shape enhances flexibility and centering ability.
  • The file axis is designed off-center to provide a larger “pocket” space for debris removal during instrumentation.
  • Significant flexibility allows for use in curvy canals with memory.
  • Memory is released upon sterilization and the file returns to its initial shape.


  • Straight and curvy canals.
  • Available in 21 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, and 31 mm files in a taper of .04 and .06
  • Orifice opener and Glider files for opening and establishing glide path
  • Multiple use