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Cem EZ®

Zest Dental Solutions

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great product and an esthetic cement for anterior teeth – good shade options.”
  • “Excellent viscosity for endo post cementation.”
  • “Clean-up was a breeze after tack-curing this cement.”
  • “I liked its compatibility with a variety of adhesives.”
  • “I never saw a finish line, Cem EZ has a chameleon effect and disappears.”
  • “This is a very efficient product.”
  • “The self-cure time seemed to be longer than other cements.”
  • “No post-operative sensitivity.”
  • “Cementation of composite seemed to have a lot of steps.”
  • “The working and setting times are very short. This is good for single crowns but would be an issue for multiple restorations or a long multi-unit bridge.”

Clinical Tips

  • A quick two-second tack cure makes clean-up easy. Do not over-cure before clean-up.
  • The laminated instruction card is very useful.

Evaluation Highlights

CemEZ was evaluated by 27 consultants, and used 429 times in total.

  • Easy to automix and dispense
  • Use with self-etch, selective-etch and total-etch techniques
  • Flexible and multi-purpose
  • Lack of post-operative sensitivity
  • Esthetic results

Unique Features

  • Inclusive of the proprietary Intellitek Technology for long-term color stability and adhesive compatibility
  • Protection against microleakage
  • Esthetic cement with high bond strengths
  • Automix delivery system


  • Permanent cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays fabricated from zirconia, ceramics, metals and composites
  • Cementation of all types of endodontic posts


Cem EZ® is a dual-cured, universal resin cement that is delivered in automix syringes with ready-to-use mixing tips. It is formulated to offer excellent bond strength to enamel, dentin and indirect restorative materials. Cem EZ can be used with a self-etch, total-etch, or selective-etch techniques. Featuring the proprietary Intellitek Technology, this universal cement provides long-term color stability and compatibility with Prelude One as well as a range of other adhesives. It can be tack cured in two seconds for easy clean-up. Cem EZ is available as a starter kit containing three 5 g syringes (one each translucent, white opaque and warm shades), 24 automix tips, 5 mL Sure Etch Gel, 12 etch tips, 5 mL Prelude One, 40 application brushes, and a reusable mixing well. Refill kits are also available containing two syringes of one shade together with 17 application brushes. Separate automix tips are available in packs of 24.