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GC Fuji Automix LC

GC America, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use and efficient.”
  • “Great handling – does not stick to instrument or pull away from preparation.”
  • “Perfect for patients when isolation is an issue. I like that it can be light-cured.”
  • “The dispensing gun is fantastic. It is smooth and comfortable, offers great balance and requires very little force to dispense the material.”
  • “Good viscosity. This material stays where you put it, even on axial walls, without running.”
  • “The small automixing tips are great for access into small areas, and small amounts can be dispensed in a controlled way.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “Superior polish after finishing.”
  • “The ease of automixing is incredible – far superior to trituration.”

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure the dispensing tips are locked into place.
  • Do not use the tip to put pressure on a band or retract tissue because it spins easily.
  • Great for primary teeth, Class V/root caries, build-ups and the sandwich technique.
  • Work fast as the setting time is quick and use conditioner on instruments to aid handling.
  • This product is very light sensitive make sure you use your loupes with the filter.

Evaluation Highlights

GC Fuji Automix LC was evaluated by 33 consultants, with a total of 490 uses.

  • Unique gun and automix tips
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Good radiopacity
  • Easy to use and efficient

Unique Features

  • Bioactive material with exceptional fluoride release
  • Automix delivery system with an ergonomic dispenser
  • Radiopaque
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to tooth structure




GC Fuji Automix LC is a bioactive, light-cured, radiopaque, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative. It is moisture tolerant, self-adheres to enamel and dentin, offers excellent fluoride release, and recharges with fluoride. It is mixed using GC America’s single-use, disposable automix tips that mix the material as it is extruded, which can then be and then dispensed from the automix tip to the site with an ergonomic dispenser. After curing, restorations placed using GC Fuji Automix LC can be immediately finished and offers good esthetics. For improved adhesion, the surface can be prepared by conditioning it with GC Cavity Conditioner. GC Fuji Automix LC is available in a starter kit containing GC Fuji Automix LC cartridge shade A2, Paste-pak dispensing gun, 20 Intraoral mixing tips, and one 6 g bottle of Cavity Conditioner. The material is available in three shades – A1, A2 and A3.