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G-aenial Bulk Injectable

GC America, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent viscosity, strength and adaptability.”
  • “Very easy to syringe into the preparation – no air bubbles/voids.”
  • “For a flowable composite, it is stiff enough to hold its shape better than others.”
  • “Very nice glassy finish for small occlusal fillings.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “The syringe tip was a little too wide.”
  • “Too translucent, but not an issue for posterior teeth.”
  • “This material feels soft when cutting it.”
  • “This is the best bulk injectable we have used. We will be switching.

Clinical Tips

  • Keep the tip immersed in the composite to avoid bubbles.
  • Inject slowly and be careful how much pressure you use. It extrudes quickly and easily.
  • Great for base layers, and for restoring endo/implant access holes.
  • Allow time for it to settle into the preparation.
  • For Class V restorations, tease the margins with an explorer to avoid gross overfill.
  • Great for placing lingual orthodontic retainers. It did not slump and engaged the retainer wire.

Evaluation Highlights

G-aenial™ BULK Injectable was evaluated by 31 consultants, with a total of 280 uses.
• Strong and adaptable
• Easy to dispense and use
• Versatile
• Efficient, saving chairside time

Unique Features

• Efficient, one-step, bulk fill application
• Highly shapeable and easy to manipulate
• Homogenously dispersed nano-particle formulation
• High flexural strength and wear resistance




G-aenial™ BULK Injectable is a radiopaque, light-cured, high-strength, nano-particle composite formulated to offer excellent viscosity and adaptation to the cavity preparation, helping to reduce the occurrence of porosities and air bubbles. This material may be used as an efficient, time-saving, one-step application for bulk filling up to the occlusal surface (up to 4 mm depth) without the need for capping or veneering with another composite. G-aenial™ BULK Injectable stays where placed and is non-sticky. The homogenously dispersed, nano-particle formulation provides high flexural strength, wear resistance and gloss/color retention. G-aenial™ BULK Injectable is available in 3.4 g syringes in shades A1 and A2, together with tips.