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3M RelyX Universal Resin Cement with 3M Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive (2-Year Retrospective Report)


3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement is a dual-cured universal cement with an innovative syringe design

  • It can be used in either the adhesive or self-adhesive mode for cementation.
  • Kit contains 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive for adhesive cementation
  • Available in shades A1, WO, A3O, and TR, which coordinate with the 3M™ RelyX™ Try-In Pastes
  • Innovative syringe and tip design to minimize waste
  • Excellent bond strength performance in DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Lab testing

Clinical Evaluation Protocol

During a 24-month period, 636 restorations were cemented with RelyX Universal Resin Cement, in both adhesive- and self-adhesive mode. 452 restorations were one- to two- years old and availble for recall. For restorations requiring a bonding agent, Scotchbond Universal Adhesive Plus was used. The restorations included mostly crowns (anterior and posterior) and veneers, followed by implant crowns, bridges, and a few fiber posts (Figure 1). The vast majority were silica-based ceramic (lithium disilicate) and zirconia restorations (Figure 2).


3M RelyX + SBU_Fig-1
3M RelyX + SBU_Fig-2
3M RelyX + SBU_Fig-3
3M RelyX + SBU_Fig-4


Clinical Observations

  • Retention: Retention was excellent (Figure 4). All restorations remained intact, with no debonds occcuring over the two-year period.
  • Color Stability: Color stability rated excellent as well (Figure 4). Initial shades remained stable and restorations looked very natural. No shade shift or greying of restorations over time were reported.
  • Resistance to Marginal Staining: Resistance to marginal staining rated excellent (Figure 4). All restorations were observed to hav smooth margins with no visible stain, indicating no marginal leakage at the tooth/restorative interface.

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The new syringe and tip are a wonderful combination! The tip design significantly reduces waste; syringe is small and comfortable in hand, and a window shows amount of material left in syringe.
  • “This dispensing system is designed perfectly. It dispenses quickly, without bubbles and is extremely efficient.”
  • “Easy to use, easy to tack cure, easy to remove excess, and multiple modes available-all excellent!”
  • “It’s genius to combine two of my favorite cements, RelyX Unicem and RelyX Ultimate. Now I have one kit that does everything!”


  • A total of 636 restorations were placed over the past two years, using RelyX Universal Resin Cement and Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive as the bonding system for adhesive cases. 452 restorations were one- to two-years old and available for recall. All restorations received excellent ratings for retention, color stability and resistance to marginal staining. None of the restorations debonded over the two-year period. RelyX Universal Resin Cement received a 100% clincial perfomance rating at two years.